Monday, August 17, 2009

Global Text Chat Room Application using C#.Net Programming - Remoting technology 2/6

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Next one is Server, this is a Windows Form (WinForm) application. This application uses ‘RemoteBase.dll’ as its reference file for library. Server registers a TCP channel with a port number. You may choose any port number from 1025 to 65k. And it registers for well known type of RemoteBase and mode type is Singleton. (Remember it should not work for Singlecall type, details and different will found on MSDN).
When you run server you will see a window as attached screen shot and need to press button ‘Start’ to start server and check server status as ‘Running’. To stop the server need to press on ‘Stop’ button.

Last one is Client part, it also a Windows form (WinForm) application with two windows forms. As server client also take reference of ‘RemoteBase.dll’ for library. When you run this client application one popup window will come and ask for your name which will be used to chat room to represent you. Then press on Join button. After that chat room window will open.

There also has server address like ‘tcp://localhost:8080/HelloWorld’ here ‘localhost’ is server address and 8080 is port number. Server address needs to tell where your server is running. I am using server and client in same machine so server address is ‘localhost’ you may give any IP address here. Port number also can be changed but server opening port number and client requesting port number should be same. You can not change reaming thing in address otherwise this chat application will not work.

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