How to C# Socket Programming using Visual Studio.Net

Learn step by step network programming using C#.Net socket, remoting, WCF and SignalR technology from lots of source code and description. All source code download link available at end of the blog post.

Global Text Chat Room Application using C#.Net Programming - Remoting technology 6/6

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Leave the Chat Room:
When user closes the chat room, then client application request to server to remove his/her name from server’s online user list. In client side the below method invokes –
private void Form1_FormClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)
if (remoteObj != null)
txtChatHere.Text = "";
In server side the “LeaveChatRoom()”method invokes, the code of that method is –
public void LeaveChatRoom(string name)
SendMsgToSvr(name + " has left the chat room.");
Now server has deleted your name from online user list.

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