Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Real time chat application on Web in ASP.Net using SignalR technology : Introduction

I shall start posting code and description about how to create web chat application in asp.net using .Net's latest technology SignalR step by step. Also I shall share how to create server event based application. Already I have developed this chat server and using in my social website http://alap.me.

However I shall start posting on it step by step so a learner can learn it easily. I shall start from very begging with many small small things and shall cover ASP.Net parts and related stuff like jQuery, CSS, HTML5 or normal java script. Because all of these things will require to build full complete chat application.

The same code I shall share which I have used in my social network site chat part. I shall publish my code as open source so any one can use it in his application and any one can enhance it so other people can use it as like Linux did in early days. To use my chat application code just they need to mention in somewhere in this website (say at footer) a thanks to me with my personal website url that is http://sumanbiswas.com and just drop me a mail that they are using my code for my information. Whole code will be totally free of cost.

So this is my introduction of chat application source code and from next I shall post it by step by step.

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SethX9 said...

Very much looking fwd to some code samples as I am about to begin a similar project.