How to C# Socket Programming using Visual Studio.Net

Learn step by step network programming using C#.Net socket, remoting, WCF and SignalR technology from lots of source code and description. All source code download link available at end of the blog post.

Mobile App development with PhoneGap

[Original Post from my blog OnlyMS.Net]

I am now starting to get into mobile app development and to start mobile app development using a suitable tool, I choose PhoneGap. I choose PhoneGap because to develop mobile app using PhoneGap I do not need to learn anything new as I know HTML, JavaScript, CSS and these things are using here to develop any mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada etc mobile OS.

To start PhoneGap first install node.js from here.
Next go to command line in your windows and type following (link here)
C:\> npm install -g phonegap

It will start installing the software.

Read full learning from here and can read basic stuff from  here.

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